Cosmetic Dentistry Builds Your Self Confidence

Cosmetic Dentistry Builds Your Self Confidence

We use cosmetic dentistry for children to boost their loved one’s self-image. If your child is concerned about the impact that their smile has on the world, please turn to our practice for assistance. We provide cosmetic dentistry for children. Please call us today for more information about all the cosmetic dentistry services we can offer! children's dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry for Children

We are ready to help boost your child’s self-image and smile with cosmetic dentistry for children’s procedures, and we will want to sit down with you and your child and discuss treatment plans. Our Pediatric Dentistry team needs to understand what your expectations and desires for cosmetic dentistry for children’s care are, and we’ll explain which techniques will be right for your child.

If your child is concerned about discoloration or stains on their enamel, ask us about teeth whitening for adolescents. We can use this method for patients who are preteens and teenagers. Teeth whitening is performed at home by wearing custom-fitting trays with prescription-strength whitening gel that we will provide. Regular use of the whitening trays can create long-lasting results in as little as two weeks. Please contact our office to schedule cosmetic dentistry for children’s appointments.

Children are very recreational and active. This can sometimes lead to dental accidents. If your child has injured a tooth, consult with our Pediatric Dentistry staff about cosmetic dentistry solutions tailored to your child.

For minor dental damage, our cosmetic dentistry staff can use cosmetic bonding and shaping. We will shade a tooth-colored composite to match your child’s smile and use it to fill in injured teeth. This will create the look of a new, undamaged tooth. This is the most simple and popular cosmetic dentistry for children method.

Please call us to schedule cosmetic dentistry for children’s visit.

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