Mosquito Control


Will the Mosquito Slayer kill ALL the mosquitoes in my backyard?

No, however, customers regularly report substantial reductions in the number of mosquitoes and midges. We can say however that our system is proven to be the most effective method on the market to control mosquitoes.

How big is a CO2 gas cylinder? How long will it last?

As a rough guide, a 20lb gas cylinder will last 2-3 months depending on environmental factors such as heat. Larger cylinders are available on request. Please phone us for more information.

What is your delivery time?

As soon as funds are cleared into our account, we will ship your order. Typical freight times are 5 business days from the date your funds have cleared. A consignment number is available on request which you can use to track your order.

What is your warranty? Can you supply spare parts?

The standard warranty is 12 Months back to base which covers parts and labor. The return freight to us is at the customer’s cost, subsequent return to the customer is at our cost. We can supply spare parts for all models of Mosquito Slayer. Call us for more information.

How long is the power cable? What if I need a longer length?

All Mosquito Slayer units come with a 10-meter power cable. Cables can be custom-made to your specific requirements. Please call us for more information.

Does the Mosquito Slayer have a timer function?

No, however, we can supply AC power timers which will easily perform this function. Please check our “Accessories” category.

How is the Mosquito Slayer Mounted?

The Mosquito Slayer Series 4 is mounted easily via a keyhole bracket mounting system. A few well-placed screws into any surface is all you need. The Mosquito Slayer Pro is mounted on a supplied mounting bracket which can be screwed into any flat surface. Additional Mounting brackets are available if you wish to move your mosquito slayer to more than one fixed location.

How does the Mosquito Slayer differ from the Mosquito catchers I can buy from eBay?

Firstly, the Mosquito Slayer produces its own Octenol and does not require strips of Octenol which oxidize very quickly. This drastically reduces effectiveness and turns the device into nothing more than a UV light with a fan and some water. Secondly, the Mosquito Slayer pro is a scientifically proven system that utilizes every possible means of attracting Mosquitoes and Midges. Lastly, the Bantol range of proven mosquito attractants is only available to those who have purchased the Mosquito system.

How much does the Mosquito Slayer cost to run? What are the ongoing costs?

The Mosquito Slayer costs around $30USD per month of use to run. Your local gas supplier may also charge for an initial (once-off) hire of a gas cylinder which may be around $150USD. Alternatively, we now supply 20lb gas cylinders which reduces the running cost per year by around 50%. Call us for more information.

Do I need to use the Mosquito Slayer all rear round?

No. Only the months you intend on spending time outdoors and are affected by mosquitoes. For many people, this is only 3-4 months a year.

Are spare parts available for the Mosquito Slayer?

Yes. Simply contact us. Spare parts are available for both the Mosquito Slayer Series 4 and Mosquito Slayer Pro.

Can the Mosquito Slayer be moved around?

Yes definitely. Trolleys are available which hold both the Mosquito Slayer your CO2 cylinder. We can also supply power inverters to enable you move your Mosquito Slayer to areas without AC mains power. Perfect for camping and remote outdoor events.

How long will it take for the Mosquito Slayer to start killing Mosquitoes and Midges?

Immediately providing there are Mosquitoes or Midges / Sand Flies in the area. We have recorded catches of over 10,000 insects in a single night. Typical results will vary depending on your location.

Is the Mosquito Slayer safe for children?

All attractants and fumes released by the mosquito slayer are naturally occurring. The attractants used in the Mosquito Slayer are made from food grade products and are non toxic.